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AdvoCare Success Story: Holly Johnson


AdvoCare has changed my life for good. The Herbal Cleanse, AdvoCare Spark®, Catalyst™, and ThermoPlus® have been my go-to supplements. Then, when AdvoCare came out with the Can You 24 (now CU24TM) workout program, I fell in love. I was able to get through it and had room to grow! I did the 72-day program and it empowered me to see that I had the ability to seriously change my life and reach ANY goal I set. Then CU24TM Level 2 came out and I stuck to that program and the results I’ve seen from Level 2 are outstanding! I’m stronger than I’ve ever been and there’s no looking back!image

What I love about CU24TM is that I have no frustration as to how busy I am because I HAVE 24 minutes to take care of myself. Consistency is the game changer to me and AdvoCare makes it all possible. Thank you, AdvoCare!

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i literally hate when people always try to dismiss race and act like it “isn’t a problem anymore”

i’m mixed. my dad is a 6’3 black male, my mom is white w/ blonde hair and blue eyes.

you and your family have never been randomly pulled over by cops on several occasions just so they could ask your mom if she’s “okay” 

there’s still a fucking problem

interracial relationships dont end racism, point blank.

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